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Astrologer Sulata Chatterjee is a renowned Astrologer, Tarot Card Reading, Motivational Speaker, Inner Peace Augmentor and Vastu Expert.
Tarot Card Reading
Your path is illuminated by a road map of stars. I am here to guide you.
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Sulata Chatterjee is a Renowned Holistic healer and a Life Coach

This is a way to use divination abilities to provide guidance or provide answers to people's questions. Honesty and integrity play a significant role in my tarot card reading. You will gradually and clearly comprehend how my readings operate. I shuffle the deck because I'm a psychic medium and a kundalini sadhika, and the cards start flying out. I therefore do not select the cards. Spirit seems to have picked these out for me! Based on both the conventional interpretations and special messages I receive from spirit, I interpret the cards.

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Personal Horoscope Reading By Your Date of Birth And Time

With Guruji's blessing and direction, we offer individualised horoscope or tarot card readings that include insights into a person's temperament, physical characteristics, and character traits. It not only reveals a person's uniqueness but also makes it possible to forecast the future. This is an excellent chance to change your behaviour in order to find love and romance, success in your job or business, and ultimately live a peaceful life.

I put everything to the test on myself, followed a predetermined path to reach a goal (spirituality in my case), and saw significant personality changes as a result of making such tiny adjustments to my daily routine. It's crucial to understand that our entire body obeys what our mind tells it to do. If we feel healthy, then we probably are; all we need to do is pay attention to our behaviours and determine if they are directed toward a goal or not. Our lives would then naturally become tranquil and fulfilling.

Sulata Chatterjee - A Renowned Tarot Card Reader

As you know Tarot card reading is a popular tool for predicting the future. Let’s explore more about tarot card reading and how it would be beneficial to you if you going to do it with best tarot card reader on YouTube. It's not about tarot cards themselves but rather about the process of reading them. You suffering from relationship disorder or in fact want to know whether one should marry or not, Tarot cards work like a charm. They are a powerful tool for wisdom. They can be used to help us understand our feelings, our thoughts and our behaviour. This card reading is considered to be a powerful tool for predicting the future. They can help you understand your future partner's personality and their reactions to events in your life.

One can determine personality & destiny of people. You going through child birth problems or want positive progress in your studies, experiencing financial problems or property related issues, contacting this best tarot card reader on YouTube – “Sulata Chatterjee” would prove to be your best verdicts. The tarot card reading method has been a part of human culture since ages and I personally has tested & experienced the effects it brings in life. The tarot card reading is a traditional method of divination by a deck of cards. It is currently used in many countries and cultures to help with many different issues, from health and money problems to love and relationships. You facing issues in your career or in your marriage, tarot would make your life change positively. Even you can check if your compatibility matches with your to-be partner before marriage. The cards can tell you what your future will be like and how to get there. There are many types of tarot cards, each with different meanings and interpretations. They have been used for generations to predict the future and make predictions about the lives of people, events and situations in the world around us.

We are in a golden age of tarot card reading. It has its roots in the ancient world, but it has been used for thousands of years as a tool for fortune telling and even for spiritual guidance. The tarot cards are based on the astrological zodiac signs, so it is important to understand that not all astrologers use the same zodiac signs and not all tarots use the same astrological signs. The best way to learn about them is by looking at Tarot cards or by buying Tarot decks online.

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Why one should go for astrology?

Sulata Chatterjee is a great help for those who are in need of a good and accurate reading. We provide you with an accurate and detailed astrological report on all planets, zodiacs and kundali signs, which will help you to understand your future. There are many astrologers who prefer using other instruments for the prediction of one's future. However, this will be a waste of your valuable time if you don't use it properly. Here you’ll be getting both accurate and detailed astrological reports on your all planets, zodiacs and kundali signs. It also gives helpful tips on how to use it for the best results. You can get reading for the birth chart of your child or for any other event that involves your life. The ancient astrologers have always been in the limelight due to their knowledge and skills they apply to dinakaran astrology.

We provide kundali making services where a kushti is given - “copy of 32-46 pages” to the client. So that he can understand the procedure of making kundalis and what steps one should follow for the same.

To provide remedies to particular problems of people, we organise rahu ketu Pooja in original Rahu Ketu Mandir itself in Andhra Pradesh with provision of full proof Pooja Video. This arrangement is for people who are not able to visit on their own or want to see how the whole procedure works online.

The best astrologer is one who gives accurate answers to all kinds of questions related to the future of an individual or a group. A person who provides detailed information on birth chart, horoscope and other aspects that can help you understand your life path and destiny. People who believe dinakaran astrology and stones, We provide them original stone Rudraksh directly from Nepal, Ghorenaal ki angoothi as well as any type of element being originated from earth within minutes. You name it, we claim it.

How yearly predictions work!!

Predictive astrology is a relatively new field in the world of science. It is an attempt to predict the future based on past data and past events. This field of astrology is still in its infancy but it has already made significant strides in recent years. People are using it to predict the future of stock prices, earthquakes and other natural disasters. The yearly predictions are made that are based on a lots of facts, which are unpredictable. The coming time predictive astrology is a new type of forecasting that predicts the future based on the cycles of stars and planets. This is a very popular service in the market. Astrology is a form of divination, the study of human affairs from a mathematical and scientific point of view. Let’s explore the science behind astrology, what it is for, how it works and how it predicts the future with Sulata Chatterjee.

Sulata Chatterjee - Human Psychology Trainer

The human mind is a very complicated thing. It is not as simple as it seems to be. There are a lot of things that people do unconsciously and that they don't even realize. I am going to help you to train your subconscious mind to follow the desires that you really have and avoid the ones you don't want to follow. Basically you’ll be experiencing changes in yourself like doing things that you don't want to do (due to laziness or some other reasons) and will find yourself more productive. Another mean is meditation. It is an effective method of self-hypnosis without the use of any drugs or devices. There are many ways to harness the power of hypnosis and they all have one thing in common: they work with your mind. Meditative asanas along with meditation practices will only the cherry in the top.

Another thing we focus upon is “Color therapy”. It is a form of an alternative medicine that has been used in many cultures and countries to treat various diseases. It is one of the most popular and effective ways of treating various diseases. It is used worldwide to treat many types of chronic illnesses, including diabetes, arthritis and cancer.

We should not be limited to the traditional knowledge of phycology. We need to learn new things and develop our knowledge. One must have to develop the knowledge of direction - Vaastu knowledge to understand phycology correctly and you can do it with us. Using the vaastu knowledge, one can find out how things work and how they should be done. This will help to avoid unnecessary risks and save time when doing things correctly.

We believe in affirmation training that involves 5 steps. It would turn a depressed person to an ordered one if followed correctly:

Writing- A person must write because it is the only way to express his thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is also the only way to keep track of his progress and achievements. The value of writing cannot be measured in monetary terms, but it is worth mentioning that writing is a skill that requires time and effort.

Chanting- Chanting is a kind of mental practice that has been used by people in many cultures for centuries. It involves repeating a phrase or mantra to achieve certain goals. In order to be productive and efficient, a person must chant. Chanting is the act of repeating a phrase over and over again. Most people can't really think of the words to chant. Many people find it hard to concentrate on one thing for long periods of time, which makes it difficult to get anything done. It only clears your mind out.


Making vision board- Here we will be providing a complete step by step procedure to follow to achieve a specific dream. It is self-tested that if followed properly, you will be getting positive results in short interval of time.

Meditation- To fulfil your wish, a complete meditation session is provided, a complete guide referring meditative asanas that would be proved to be beneficial.

Kundalinisaadhna- I’ll guide you to know how to balance chakra, proceed with aura cleansing, why are we born in this earth? , what is our life purpose? Get to know your life purposes and try to introspect yourself. We have a team being set up in South Korea for this particular kundalinisaadhna practice to help you move forward.


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